Construction Specialist – Martin Monz

Construction Specialists are senior project members who have a wide knowledge of their field of expertise. They also have a will and knowledge to use latest technologies. Construction Specialists are people who want to improve offered solutions and to be a part of the development team to improve overall quality of the project.

We would like to intruduce our second Construction Specialist, Martin Monz. Below you will find an interview with him. All the best to Martin and congratulations for being our Construction Specialist.

Tell us who you are and what do you do?

I am a German master carpenter living since 8 years in London, UK and I am working since in the residential construction industry, I started initially with small jobs but I found more satisfaction in Project- and Site management assignments with bigger companies

Tell us shortly what your company does?

Planning and accomplish of high residential properties within Central London, from £1 - £15 and above. The Assignment contents of the full scope of residential construction goals from demolition, new build, basement creation, refurbishment including high end interior outfit.

How do you feel being Planium’s Construction Specialist?

Actually I am honored and happy that my thoughts and recommendations are generally accepted.

What do you think is the most challenging task you on job?

Many tasks are challenging, H&R is very important, the team is the base, you earn respect through performance and quality.

Do you have any advice for young specialist on your field of expertise?

Learning by doing, do not step forward for any reason, see previous answer.

How do you feel that your suggestions of improvements regarding Planium’s services have been carried out?

Like mentioned above, I feel happy about the fact that my personal considerations are accepted and it helps everybody involved.

What are the reasons for using the online site diary?

Unlimited access via web was the main reason as there are many software provider on the market but only PC solutions. Collaboration is not possible. All stake holders within a project should have access to their project. Lets get back to work and improve Planium Site Journal to perfection. earn respect through performance and quality..

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